“Working with Rick is a true pleasure. He is very knowledgeable about the market, but willing to accept input from his clients. Unlike many in the Telluride area, he is very responsive and, if there is a deal to get done, he will make it happen. I have done three deals with him and all have been a positive experience.”
Thomas U. Graner , Graner Root & Heimovics, P.A.
“Working with Rick has been a very good, positive experience. He worked tirelessly for us as we searched the Telluride area; and when we found our new home, he proved to be an invaluable resource throughout all phases of the purchase process. From our initial offer to closing (and beyond), he never stopped looking out for our best interests, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rick to anyone.”
Josh and Gretchen Foster, Fort Worth, Texas
Rick, thank you so much for the truly excellent job you did as our broker. If you recall the day we first met you, Josh and I listened to your presentation and hired you on the spot. We had already met with several of your peers and you stood out in a number of significant ways. First of all, you showed a genuine appreciation of our house. Since we loved the house so much it was really meaningful to have our broker see it the way we did. Secondly, you quickly demonstrated that you were capable of and willing to think outside the box and go the extra mile for your clients. Last but not least, you seemed refreshingly genuine and someone who would be pleasant to work with. Rick, you really exceeded our expectations in all three areas. Our confidence in you only grew during the period you listed and sold our house. We were so impressed by your strategy and market knowledge and assured by your diligence, hard work and great attitude. You showed exceptional attention to detail, evidenced best by the exceptional photos of the house you commissioned. It was your creative thinking that garnered us a solid offer and your skills as a negotiator that got the deal done - no small task. Deal time was probably your finest hour; you showed tremendous patience, level-headedness and maturity throughout the process and I know we could not have been in better hands. It was truly a pleasure to work with you. We wish you continued success in your career and great happiness in your life.
Katie and Josh Fairbank
“Rick is a good listener, which is important because it eliminates time wasted on projects that will not work for your situation. He always makes time to listen to my questions or concerns, makes my calls a priority, and works on my schedule. He truly understands all aspects of the market and provides valuable insight as to the movements in the market – which segments will be driven up or down, how the past will dictate future moves in the market and where to find the best investment opportunities. Rick is a unique individual whose commitment to personal service allows him to use his expertise to find the right property for you – melding his investment mentality with the satisfaction of your family vacation desires. Working with and getting to know Rick has been an enjoyable process. We started out as strangers, but our relationship came easily and has now matured into friendship.”
Rick Sherman, Former CEO & Board Member of Fortune Hotels
“Every once in a while you have your expectations exceeded by a significant margin. We had the good fortune to have a hometown friend recommend Rick Fusting, a young man who was accurately described as a very nice guy and a very hard worker, to help us in our search. Once we put Rick on our team to find the perfect property, he did a very smart thing. He listened! He listened to us describe our interests, our background, and how much we were willing to invest. While ours was certainly not the largest deal Rick would do, he treated us as if we were his most important clients He presented only properties that were consistent with our interests and within our price range. As the former C.E.O and C.O.O of two large financial institutions, I learned the importance of putting the customer’s interest first and the value of reliable follow-up. Rick consistently demonstrated that he is exceptional in both.”
Alfred Swan, Tampa, Florida
“Rick is a true professional. He knows all aspects of the market, keeps me informed, and definitely provides service after the sale. It’s a pleasure working with him.”
Mike Cahill, Scottsdale, Arizona
“If you want a top notch realtor on your team, then look no further than Rick Fusting. Rick’s Telluride real estate market knowledge is second to none which coupled with his negotiating skills provided me with a real competitive edge in doing property transactions. I have found Rick to be not only an excellent Realtor, but also someone who has obvious business acumen. The level of analysis and sophistication Rick offers is well in excess of the skill set from real estate operators I have come across in the UK.”
“While I appreciate Rick’s determination and success at finding me a home in Telluride, what I appreciated most was his honesty and candor, always looking out for my best interests, rather than trying to sell me a property.”
Houston L. Morrow